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Posted 3/10/2021

From the day we met you provided me with support and helped me find insight into my feelings, thoughts, behaviour, my life. Not many people come into a life and have such a profound effect and I'm not sure whether it was just good luck that I chose to contact you or whether fate had some part to play but no matter as I got above and beyond what I anticipated. Thank you. 


Posted 3/10/2021

Thank you for your help and support through a very difficult time. I don't think I would have been able to get through this as well without it.


Posted 3/10/2021

I just wanted to say that as much as I've felt 'alone' and a little lost, in my own unique way, now that I've stopped my sessions, I also feel confident that I'm on the right path and I have to say that without your help over the last 18 months I would I wouldn't be where I am now. You've been an enormous support, a never judging ear and just what I needed all those months ago when I first approached you. So thank you for providing me with the opportunity to let out all the stuff I've been carrying round - and I applaud you for not yawning once!! Take care Thom and thank you!


Posted 3/10/2021

Ok so i'm the one who never leads feedback but on this occasion i just have to make an exception!

Thank you Thom for your unbelievable patience and understanding. I have given you so much grief over the past few months yet you have stuck by me giving me endless support and guidance throughout. You have answered every single text message and email I sent you and frequently managed to fit me in for extra sessions whenever i needed them.

I am amazed at the topics of conversation between us, things i never imagined talking about especially with a man!

Admittedly i'm not where i need to be just yet but therapy for me has been quite intense and i'm grateful you respect and understand my need to take a break, at least for a while. I honestly have no idea right now whether I will be able to return to face up to my inner torment but one thing for sure, should this be possible, there is nowhere else i would rather be.

Thank you so so much for my last amazing session which made me feel so good when you left me with no doubt that your door would always be open and that you would be there for me should i find the strength to continue.

In conclusion, you've taught me that i don't need to cope with life's difficulties and challenges alone and i can only re-iterate what others have said before me.

Until we 'hopefully' meet again, take care of my chair ........................C No 5 (female)


Posted 3/10/2021

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Thom following my recent counselling sessions. I saw Thom around 5 years ago for a short period but needed to get further counselling mid way through 2013. I had no hesitation in finding Thom again. The last 6 months have been the toughest of my life for a variety of reasons and the way Thom has supported me can never be repaid. He listens, doesnt judge and, crucially, is honest enough to tell me the truth even if it is not always easy to hear. This honesty has been key in allowing me to address certain issues. 

Thom instanty and without effort makes you feel relaxed and at ease. I can't recommend him highly enough.

Finally, Thom, thnak you so much for your time but particularly for seeing me at relativiely short notice last November. Words can't express how much that appintment in particular meant to me.

Many thanks and best wishes Thom. 


Posted 3/10/2021

I was at an all time low when I came to see you last year struggling with depression and anxiety and on anti-depressants. I had no self confidence, cried all the time and thought sooner or later those around me would abandon me because I was such a "burden". I actually thought I was losing my marbles. With your help and only a small number of sessions you opened my eyes to things in the past which were affecting my present. You made me realise Thom that my perception of myself was completely different than how others saw me and you gave me the strength to face some demons. Sometimes just saying things out loud to someone who is neither a friend or family member is all that is needed. I can't thank you enough and thank my lucky stars I had the sense to seek help when I needed it and also count my blessings that the person who I happened to come and see was you. You really have changed my life, I am no longer on anti-depressants and am now very happily married to the love of my life. I can never thank you enough Thom, if it wasn't for you I wouldn't be the person I am today. Sincerely, heartfelt thanks.


Posted 3/10/2021

I came to you with anxiety and depression. I had suffered with this for years and only ever really depended on medication which gave me limited help. You helped me through this maze and no it hasn't been easy but I am realising for the first time probably just who I am and that I am ok after all. 


Posted 3/10/2021

I'd been working with self-help books for years and spent a fortune thinking that therapy would cost me much more. If I add up what I spent on those books compared to the amount I've spent on therapy I would have saved money if I'd come to you earlier. Even if this wasn't the case, my therapy has been the best investment I've ever made in myself. It's made me more who I am than I've ever been (I know that makes sense to me!). Thank you Thom! 


Posted 3/10/2021

Yo Thom, you should know who this is ;) After mentioning you had a website before, I decided to google you - It worked! 

Thanks for everything you're an absolute star, couldn't have done it without you, not a chance in hell!! I'll never forget your help!! CHEERS SPUD!!! :) x


Posted 3/10/2021

Thom helped me through the worst time of my life he taught me how to find myself and to deal with life and to find my own boundaries in a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, I would recommend Thom to everyone.

Thank you so much Thom