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I have, over the years occasionally offered Online Psychotherapy & Clinical Supervision, for instance when people have moved away or can't for some reason make the journey to my office to be in-person; they may be too unwell to travel or their car had broken down! If I'm honest, back then I tended to see online work as secondary to being face-to-face. 


Like others, the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on my life and the way in which that I work. I have found that working online has become very natural to me and I have a new appreciation of how very creative, deep and meaningful it can be. The ways in which I am trained lend themselves very well to working in varied ways and I have found that Online Psychotherapy can be as effective as in-person, for some even more effective and of course, for some, it just isn't for them.  Added to this, is the obvious convenience for people to have their therapy from home and the economic and ecological savings by not using our cars and other modes of transport. 


How it works...


As with the other services I offer, there will be an Initial Meeting and prior to us meeting, I will email you a link to simply click. You will need a private space and a computer with a webcam (some people like to use headphones for extra privacy). I will also send you some information and a Therapeutic Agreement for you to look at and consider before deciding whether you would like to return.



It's as simple as that! If you would like some more information, then please contact me