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Posted 3/10/2021

Since going through therapy sessions with you, the things we spoke about are now (as you would say) filed under resolved. My life is most certainly going in a good direction. All is left for me to say now is simply, thank you. I can now look forward to my future with confidence rather than nervousness. 


Posted 3/10/2021

If someone had said to me a year and a half ago that I would end up in front of a counsellor, I would have told them they must be crazy… However, I ended up sitting in front of Thom in a moment of crisis and found myself on an insightful, thought provoking and invaluable journey! In a safe environment, Thom allowed me to explore who I am by raising my awareness of what goes on behind my ‘face of flippancy’. Through listening, reflecting and often humour, Thom helped me to understand who I am and supported me as I made some very difficult decisions in my life. So, a massive thank you Thom for being there for me through this process. Metaphoric slice of cheesecake attached for your enjoyment!!! 


Posted 3/10/2021

Over time Thom your acceptance has shown me that there is no shame in being exactly who I am in the world. I became brave enough to notice and name my emotions, sometimes even without judgement! I thought that I would get fixed somehow by talking with you but I now realise that I was never broken. 


For me this has been an incredibly healing process. I feel more at peace with myself and able to fail sometimes without this being shattering. I remember once reading about therapists and clients and debates about 'therapeutic touch'. I realised that I have often felt more comfort from being heard, felt more safely held in our sessions, than I ever could be by a hug or a pat on the back. 


Thank you Thom, you have been a huge part of my adventures and I will miss you.


Posted 3/10/2021

My words can't do justice for what Thom has done for me. But if it persuades one person to give therapy a go, it'll be worth it. 


I originally decided to make an appointment with Thom, due to the positive feedback from his previous clients. I approached the sessions with a healthy scepticism and found Thom to be professional, honest, warm, incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about his profession. One can see that he genuinely gets personal satisfaction from positive outcomes and it's more than 'just a job' to him.

I went to Thom with bereavement and long standing anxiety issues. I wasn't sure if he could help, but he exceeded my expectations. I went expecting to learn coping techniques, but came away with a deeper understanding of my problems and a new confidence in dealing with it. I really do feel like a new person. I thought I'd never be able to conquer my anxiety, granted, it's an ongoing process, but Thom has a fantastic manner that helped me to see things differently and he even explains the science behind it too! 


Posted 3/10/2021

Everything everyone else has said about Thom is true! I'd like to add something else too.


It's been a few years since I saw Thom for around a year, and I am a different person. I didn't think my thought patterns could change as they were so ingrained. I'd seen one or two other therapists briefly but nothing much came out of it, so I was sceptical about the whole therapy thing.


Therapy can be really hard work, and you've got to be very honest with yourself, which can make you cringe and feel disloyal and all sorts of other uncomfortable feelings. At times it feels like nothing much is coming from the therapy, and I sometimes questioned what I was getting out of it. 


All I can say is, that if you aren't sure it's for you, or you're not sure whether it's doing the trick during the process, stick with it - it might be a while after finishing until you really see the differences but it's very much worth the effort. 


Therapy changed my life - and that's down to Thom and the passion he puts into his work. Thank you!


Posted 3/10/2021

Brilliant therapist! It was a pleasure to work with Thomas Fairclough and I definetly recommend his services. In chosing my therapist the most important aspects were that the person sitting in front of me will not make me feel judged. I wanted to feel understood and interesting. For Thom that comes naturally! So, thank you, Thom!

P.S. I think I like the ideea of Aristotle's eudaimonia. I will try it for a while or maybe for a lifetime :).

Alex M

Posted 3/10/2021

I really wanted to thank Thom for his hard work, and recommend him to anyone who is looking for a therapist/counsellor. 

Thom is incredibly honest, patient and down to earth, which makes it incredibly easy to open up to him, convey feelings and talk about any sort of topic.

I saw Thom for a relatively short amount of time (9 sessions) due to relocating to a different part of the country, but in this short amount of time, the issues which I came to Thom with have all started to improve, and will hopefully continue to do so.

I don't see Thom just as a therapist, but more like a friend who I can talk about anything to, which I believe is a much better relationship to have with a therapist than just feeling like a patient.

I can't recommend Thom highly enough, and am very lucky to have 


Posted 3/10/2021

I can’t praise or recommend Thom enough. On a personal level he is a great person with a relaxing and interesting persona. On a professional level he is clearly very well researched in his field of expertise with a dept of knowledge which really helped me. When I first met Thom I had issues with general anxiety/health anxiety and often worried about ‘unrealistic’ things. Being a busy professional and having a young family this was a big risk to my career and family life (not good…). After trying medication which did very little for me I saw Thom’s website and decided to go and see him.

I was in quite a bad place when I first met him and after approximately 15 weekly sessions I have made a great ‘recovery’ and feel back to my old self again. Thom helped me to look at things from a different perspective and to anyone who doubts the power of therapy – try Thom !

Thanks again, and if I ever need any help in this area again you’ll be the first to know.


Posted 3/10/2021


Where to start? My experience of therapy with you was perfect timing in terms of my 'journey in life'. Your empathic, caring demeanour, your honesty and openness really helped me look at painful, raw stuff in a totally 'safe way'.

As you know, I'm also a therapist, and as such, have experienced 'good therapy' as well as 'not so good'. You are certainly in the 'superb camp' (undoubtedly!), and as such a fabulous professional role model.

Thank you for sharing my tears and laughter. X


Posted 3/10/2021

It's been some time since I came to you for counselling but I wanted to take the time to reflect on the whole process before putting something on your feedback page. 

My 'journey' took about a year in all and in all honesty it came with its ups AND downs. I don't think I 'got' it at first and expected to come to a few sessions and you wave a magic wand for me and off I would go. It took hard work and commitment to get through it. It also took courage in the sense that I have learned to be more honest with myself (if not necessarily with others) and had to face things about myself that I didn't particularly like. 

You helped me with genuine caring and with real (sometimes gentle sometimes less so!) challenge but we always managed to work through these things and this is down to your skill, honesty and sensitivity. 

Thank you doesn't seem enough to convey what I feel right now. But alas this is all a feedback page will allow so thank you from the bottom of my heart!