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Hello. I'm Thom Fairclough (pronouns: he, him, his), I am a 'Relational Gestalt Psychotherapist' and I run a private Counselling & Psychotherapy practice. I live on the Fylde coast and offer Online Psychotherapy via Zoom/Skype internationally, and also Outdoor Psychotherapy primarily in the FY2 area (I do sometimes work outdoors in the Leyland area of Preston). I will be offering face-to-face therapy in an office again in the future, although this will not be during 2021. 


Counselling/psychotherapy is not a sign that you are failing or weak in any way. On the contrary in fact, it can be hard work and is in no way an easy option. By visiting this site, you have already probably recognised an area of your life where you feel you would like more insight and understanding, or perhaps areas where you would like to develop personally. 


I do not make false promises. Many websites of this nature advertise 'quick fixes' but unfortunately, lasting change is not that easy and advertisements that say otherwise are rarely effective. Counselling/psychotherapy is an investment not just financially but also emotionally and this type of investment can be both challenging and rewarding. It has the potential to be life changing, not only for you but for those around you. Indeed, as a result, you may find that not only can you resolve current or past issues, but you can also deal with new challenges more effectively as well as gaining a higher sense of self-awareness, leading you to live a more fulfilling life. I am a registered and accredited member of the British Association of Counsellors & Psychotherapists (BACP) and also a member of the UKCP (currently in the process of becoming fully UKCP accredited). 


Counselling/psychotherapy is confidential, led at your pace and we will look at our work together regularly to ensure that you are getting what you need. Appointments are usually on a weekly basis and the number of sessions you will require will depend on many factors and of course, your choice! You are never obliged to stay in therapy for longer than you feel you want to. 

One of my daily local walks...One of my daily local walks...