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Posted 3/10/2021

Firstly, I want to say that Thom is a counsellor who great for putting you at ease and helps you to open up about your issues in life. When I first began, I was nervous, reserved and afraid but Thom helped me bring myself out of my shell with his non-judgmental, sensitive and attentive approach to therapy. He is able to switch your mentality and divert your attentions away from focusing on the possibilities and reverting to practiality. He is helpful particularly in viewing situations from a range of angles and gently challenging and encouraging you to challenge your own assumptions about what ever situation you bring to counselling. I have always found Thom to be extremely professional and open with me on anything I have discussed with him. He is very attentive to information that you provide and has often recalled many key pieces of information from past session to influence present ones. I am very glad that I have met Thom and have undertaken his help in rediscovering myself and building my own sense of belief, confidence and resolve.

Thank you so so so so much!