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Posted 3/10/2021

Everything everyone else has said about Thom is true! I'd like to add something else too.


It's been a few years since I saw Thom for around a year, and I am a different person. I didn't think my thought patterns could change as they were so ingrained. I'd seen one or two other therapists briefly but nothing much came out of it, so I was sceptical about the whole therapy thing.


Therapy can be really hard work, and you've got to be very honest with yourself, which can make you cringe and feel disloyal and all sorts of other uncomfortable feelings. At times it feels like nothing much is coming from the therapy, and I sometimes questioned what I was getting out of it. 


All I can say is, that if you aren't sure it's for you, or you're not sure whether it's doing the trick during the process, stick with it - it might be a while after finishing until you really see the differences but it's very much worth the effort. 


Therapy changed my life - and that's down to Thom and the passion he puts into his work. Thank you!