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Work studio 2022Work studio 2022The time has come for me to once again offer face-to-face psychotherapy.


Being in a small, confined office-space post-Covid isn't something that I welcome, so I have looked around and found a therapeutic space that ensures we both feel Covid-safe as we emerge back into the world after the pandemic. With its main use as a yoga studio, it is large, airy, bright and has a sea view! This is situated in the FY2 area of the Fylde coast and I have sole use of this on designated days and times.  


OK! So there is only on-street parking and the entrance to the studio isn't ideal, as it is accessed through a back street and up some stairs, however once inside it is a warm, inviting space with real 'heart'.

As I always say:



'With every gain, there's a loss, and with every loss there's a gain'. (Beisser)



I offer an initial meeting in-person or online, which will last up to 30 minutes. This time is not therapy, it will be used to explore what you might want from your therapy and whether we might be a 'good match'. 


I do have Covid protocols which include switching to online work should either one of us test positive for Covid, and/or have Covid-like symptoms. 


I apologise, at this time there is no wheelchair access to the building. 



Work studio 2022 Work studio 2022