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 Group Therapy 

I am starting a Lancashire-based therapy group. This will be facilitated by myself and will be based at 1A Red Bank Rd, Bispham, Blackpool FY2 9HN on a Wednesday evening between 6 and 8pm. The group will consist of a minimum of 6 people and a maximum of 10. The group will be what is termed a ‘process group’ from a Gestalt/Existential perspective. Focus will be paid to your sense of ‘self’ and your relationships with others. 


This group does not have any specific leaning towards: depression, anxiety, OCD, addictive process, sexuality, gender, or any other particular ‘issues’; all these processes (and more) are welcome and each person will bring their own unique experience to the group to work on what they wish to work on. The main body of my training and experience is in Existential & Gestalt Psychotherapy and therefore there will be a particular focus on your own life-process and from a relational perspective, how you and the group are together. What it is not, is a CBT behavioural change group, it is also not like an AA meeting where each member starts by saying: ‘My name is **** and I’m an *****’ (not that there is anything wrong in this). We will work at a pace that works for you and all you will need to bring is your ‘self’ and (if possible but not essential) a spirit of curiosity. 


In order to work relationally, to respect each member of the group and to keep the group viable, each person will be asked to commit to a minimum of 12 weeks. (There is usually no upper limit and this will be reassessed on an ongoing basis) Sessions are £30 per person, per 2-hour session and this is paid prior to your session via bank transfer. There will be a ‘Therapeutic Agreement’ which I will discuss with you at our initial meeting and will ask you to sign prior to joining the group. 


Although group therapy is cheaper than individual therapy it is not the ‘cheaper cousin’ of other forms of therapy. Therapy is not ‘diluted’ because there are more people; instead group therapy can be a very powerful way of working, particularly (and essentially) relationally. Lots of therapeutic issues can be better worked with, such as family and relationships problems, issues of self-esteem/worth and existential issues/dilemmas, fear of groups, ‘speaking up’, identifying and getting needs met, to name just a few. I have been part of many ‘development groups’ and ‘process groups’ both professionally and personally and after working through some of my initial anxieties about being part of a group, I have gained beyond measure in all aspects of my life. 


Often group therapy can be as well as individual therapy or can be a form of therapy in its own right. Sometimes, I may recommend someone I currently work with individually, to attend group therapy and it is common practice for people to be in individual therapy and group therapy with the same therapist and there is no conflict of interest in this. 


If you have any interest in this therapy group, then please contact me for an informal chat which we can conduct online via Zoom or Skype. There is no charge for this initial time, it is not a therapy session but a time where we can talk about what you might want from being part of group therapy and whether we both believe that it would be beneficial for you in-particular. 


There is sometimes a waiting list for this type of therapy and sometimes we have to wait for enough people to show interest before we commence. Please feel free to enquire about where I am up to with this.